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handsCommunity Child Care Co-operative runs a range of programs and services at any time. Current programs and services include:

Advocacy and Peak

Community Child Care advocates for education and care services and for the children and families who use these services. We are funded by the NSW State Government as the peak body for community based education and care services in NSW. Education and care services and individuals can become members or associates of Community Child Care.

Children's Services Central

Children's Services Central resources and supports education and care services in NSW. We are committed to providing Educators access to exciting and affordable PD and support.

Our 2016-2017 Handbook, provides a comprehensive listing of courses provided by CSC. These courses can now be booked directly through each provider.

Professional Development and Support

Community Child Care provides professional development and support to education and care services. We provide a range of training (some of which is offered through Children’s Services Central) for education and care services, including fee for service training. We also prepare a range of resources for education and care services including books, magazines, newsletters and information kits.

Registered Training Organisation

Community Child Care Co-operative is also a Registered Training organisation, offering a range of Nationally Recognised Training for staff working in education and care services.

Children's Services Community Management

Children’s Services Community Management was established to assist small stand-alone education and care services whose committees either need, or want help. Offering a mix of short term consultancy support to ongoing long term management and transitional support for a transfer of the service licence, Children's Services Community Management was established to assist management committees to strike the balance between sustainability and delivering high quality education and care services. Children's Services Community Management currently holds the licence for two long day care centres and three preschools.


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