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girlCommunity Child Care Co-operative:

  • Is an advocate for education and care services and for the children and families who use these services. We are the peak body for community based education and care services in NSW.
  • Provides professional development, resourcing and training for education and care services and education and care services staff.
  • Works to ensure children and families have access to quality, affordable education and care services.
  • Manages education and care services as required.

The activities and achievements of Community Child Care, as well as financial and corporate information, are detailed in the following annual reports:

Community Child Care Co-operative Rules

Community Child Care is registered and constituted as a co-operative under the NSW Co-operatives Act 1992. The rules of Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW) Ltd. are available for inspection here:

Feedback and Complaints

Community Child Care Co–operative welcomes feedback on our services whether this is a compliment which can be passed on to staff or a complaint which may result in an improvement in the way we do business. Click on the links below for further information.

Statement of Apology and Commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Community Child Care Co-operative Ltd. (NSW) acknowledges the loss of family, cultural identity, land, language and community of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders through the policies and practices of Australian governments, organisations and people.

Framework for Cultural Inclusion

Our work at Community Child Care NSW is undertaken within a framework of cultural inclusion.


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