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Services need to be aware of factors that may affect their ongoing viability and also need to proactively manage their compliance with a range of regulated requirements.

Community Child Care (NSW) has created two self-assessment survey tools, where services can establish for themselves, how viable their service is, and how well they are complying with regulations. These surveys are totally confidential, and services can download a PDF document at the completion of each survey.

This PDF document will summarise the results of the survey, and document the areas where the service can improve in their compliance measures, or seek better ways of making their service more viable in the short and long-term future.

Viability: Education and Care Service Viability Tool

Completing the tool below does not guarantee your service is viable, and is only offered as a guide. The viability self-assessment tool may help you be aware of the issues that affect viability of an education and care service, and assist you to become aware of how these issues affect your service, and how you can improve the viability of your service in the future.

Compliance: Education and Care Service Compliance Tool

Completing the tool below does not mean your service is completely compliant to all laws and regulations that say how services must operate. The compliance self-assessment tool may help you be aware of your major obligations as an education and care service.


The online viability and compliance tools are funded by the NSW Government Department of Education.



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