CCCC publicationsNeed information about how to deal with a breakout of head lice at your service? Would you like to manage your service more efficiently…or even set up your own centre? How about keeping up to date with all the developments in early childhood education and education and care services? Then Community Child Care will have a publication that will suit your needs.

Our publications are relevant, informative and make an impact in the early childhood field. We publish a broad range of books, information guides, manuals, magazines and newsletters, all with the purpose of keeping you informed and making your education and care service a better place for children, for staff, and for parents!

We cover many issues within our publications, including staffing selection, finances, budgeting, health issues, management, food handling, legal issues...as well as all the social, economic, educations and political issues that affect the education and care services sector.

Community Child Care publications are written and published by experts in the field. All of our high quality publications stimulate discussion and promote professional development in the education and care services sector.

Membership of Community Child Care Co-operative NSW includes subscription to Rattler and Broadside. Individuals, institutions and education and care centres only wishing to receive Rattler and Broadside, without becoming members of Community Child Care Co-operative, need to purchase Rattler or Broadside below.


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So Now You Are On The Committee – $34.95 (inc. GST, inc. postage)


A Director’s Manual: Managing an early education and care service in NSW – $160 (inc. GST) + $17 postage and handling. (N.B. this is the purchase price for non-members). If you are not yet a member of Community Child Care NSW and would like to receive the special members’ discount, please join by clicking hereATTENTION COMMUNITY CHILD CARE MEMBERS! To receive your special membership discount price of $110 (inc. GST), please CLICK HERE TO LOG IN to our website with your member details and return to this page to obtain the special members page).

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