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Summer has arrived and while our thoughts rush to the New Year just around the corner, let’s pause a moment to reflect on the year that was.

I am now six months into my new role and the journey to build Community Child Care Co-operative’s strengths in this new era following the end of Australian government funding. I have particularly enjoyed the past few weeks on the Start Strong roadshows, where I met hundreds of extraordinary preschool educators.

Now is also the time of year when we prepare our annual report and reflect on our 2015/16 achievements. Some of the highlights include developing the professional knowledge and skills of more than 7,000 people, delivering nearly 400 customised training sessions, providing operational support to 40 preschools, managing two NSW ‘cluster trials’ to reduce the burden on small community services, sending 56 new Advanced Diploma graduates out into the world and enrolling nearly 30 more.

Reflecting on our membership, through our recent member survey, shows us the thing you value most is the information we bring to you in publications such as Rattler and Shortside, and in the members-only resources on our website.

The survey also gives us great confidence in our direction for 2017, with most of you asking for more face-to-face regional PD sessions, more webinars, more networking and peer support opportunities and even more practical resources.
We also canvassed our membership about policy concerns, identifying your top issues: funding for two years of preschool for all children and more grassroots representation in consultation forums.

Already, about 20 of you have nominated to be Community Child Care Champions for the early childhood topics that make you most passionate, and we look forward to building the Champion program to full strength in the New Year, as well as growing our advocacy reach.

Our team at Community Child Care have been engaged in planning new and wonderful ways to meet and exceed members’ expectations in 2017. We’ve worked together to create our Community Child Care values afresh and we are using your direction as we build our new business plan.

So much behind us, but so much ahead! Have a wonderful, safe summer and we look forward to welcoming you to more events and resources in the New Year.

Diane Lawson, CEO Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW)

  • The Lowdown | Your guide to what’s up, who’s where, and how you can get involved.
  • Changing the Future | Up in Australia’s remote Far North, a life-changing service is deeply embedded in the community’s self-determination.
  • Lessons in Cultural Competence | How to manage cultural diversity of staff.
  • Face2Face | Get to know Kate Washington, NSW Shadow Minister for Early Education.
  • Mind the Children | Can little people quiet their busy minds and find focus? Radha Babicci says they can.
  • Pet Peeve | Ruth Weinstein wishes graduates had more experience upon entering the workforce.
  • NQS Spotlight | Risk, little children, and kitchen fun.
  • New Era for Teachers | BOSTES answers your most frequently-asked questions about accreditation.
  • Getting to Know You | CCCC is helping services get off the ground and stay compliant.


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