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Homepublication-rattlerRattler 114, Winter 2015

Rattler 114, Winter 2015

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Rattler 114

Fresh thinking and fresh perspectives. That’s what we hope we bring to you in this edition of Rattler.

We’ll bring to you some of the fresh thinking taking place in politics these days, and meet some early childhood professionals who are ramping up their advocacy action and taking on the political mantle. These will be people to watch as they bring early childhood education to the forefront of the Australian political landscape.

We also look at the much-debated area of documentation, where Rachel Rooke shows how she and her team developed an effective and time efficient approach based on action research. Tracey Popple also gives us fresh thinking on Quality Area 7, Leadership and Management, and shows how the National Quality Standards promoted innovation and collaboration within her team.

Shelia Degotardi and Marianne Fenech tell us about their research on parent perspectives of education and care and provide some great strategies to share the message on the importance of high quality environments, practice and regulations. Amanda Morphett looks at how people are planning their professional development using government funding and how looking at individual and team needs and perspectives has an impact. We also provide you with a perspective on the much-anticipated outcome and response to the Productivity Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning.

A final note on our recent conference, Influence! Speaking Up and Speaking Out. Our diverse range of speakers and topics drew much praise and appreciation. If you missed out on this fabulous event, be consoled by the news that we are releasing videos from the day, and look out for an upcoming advocacy special edition of Rattler featuring many of our speakers.

We hope you love this edition of Rattler and find a comfortable seat, a few minutes to spare and a beverage of your choice with which to enjoy it. Happy reading!

Leanne Gibbs, CEO Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW)

  • The Lowdown | Your guide to what’s up, who’s where, and how you can get involved.
  • Box office bomb or blockbuster? | We review the latest release: the government’s Jobs for Families Package.
  • When less is more | Turning documentation into an opportunity.
  • The best choice | How parents can make more informed choices about early education and care services.
  • Australia’s political future | Introducing the new wave of early childhood professionals dipping their toes into politics.
  • Face2face | Meet Lesley Williams, NSW’s new Minister for Early Childhood Education.
  • NQS Case Study | Cronulla Preschool shares its story of collaborative leadership.
  • Bookworm | What’s new on the shelves.
  • PD: An inspired approach | The innovative ways services are spending their LDCPDP funds.

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