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Rattler 115, Spring 2015

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Rattler 115

You will notice this issue of Rattler is a little different. That’s because we are doing what we asked our speakers to do at Community Child Care Co-operative’s (NSW) Influence! Speaking Up and Speaking Out conference.

At the conference, we asked them to take risks, to prod and provoke and to talk about whatever they wanted to. This was both a gift and a burden. Some told us they were excited and terrified in equal parts—the opportunity to speak up and speak out is both liberating and frightening.

In spite of these conflicting feelings, the outcome was a day filled with inspiring and provocative words, pictures and emotions and we wanted to share more of this with you in Rattler.

As always, our goal at Community Child Care (NSW) is to inform, influence and inspire you. And these articles will do all of this and more.

You will learn more about political advocacy, and about practising ‘inclusion’, rather than stereotyping. You’ll read about taking risks and challenging the status quo. You will see how people manage their dual roles as advocates and educators. And you’ll see how each of our presenter’s life experiences has determined the person they are today—(and their beliefs).

But we trust that what you will see here is the shared dedication and purpose that people have in advocating for a more socially just society, one that values children and places them at the centre of education policy and decision making.

These articles will inspire you in your advocacy work and we hope our risk taking in this issue has been worth it.

And if you’d like to see for yourself why we think this issue is worth it, please take a look at the videos from the conference. Head to www.ccccnsw.org.au/shop to purchase a link to the presentations (for $20, you’ll have access to the full day’s presentations).

Leanne Gibbs, CEO Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW)

  • The Lowdown | Your guide to what’s up, who’s where, and how you can get involved.
  • A story of Endurance and Nuances | Randa Kattan challenges racist stereotypes to create a more equitable society.
  • On the Political Radar | Carmel Tebbutt shares her tips on how to get politicians to take notice.
  • The Wage equality marathon | Kasey Tomkins is fighting the long fight for professional wages and recognition.
  • Stockholm syndrome | Lisa Bryant suggests our sector is starting to identify with our captors: the decision makers.
  • Sliding Doors | Karen Bevan considers what society might look like if children always came first.
  • Don’t be too clever | Catharine Hydon sheds light on the dark side of our professional relationships.
  • If you can survive you can thrive | Hawanatu Bangura shares her journey from refugee to social worker and filmmaker.
  • Profit is a feminist issue | Nesha O’Neil calls for a united sector focused on quality and outcomes.

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