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Homepublication-rattlerRattler 117, Autumn 2016

Rattler 117, Autumn 2016

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Rattler 117

This issue is headlined ‘Tech talk: exploring the possibilities’ but it is really all about change: change through technology, change through advocacy and change through systemic and policy reform.

By now the term ‘digital disruption’ will be familiar to you and it is imperative for the future of early childhood education—and for children—that we engage with the term and the culture and meaning around it. Technology has changed everything we do in education and care, whether it is to make administration more streamlined, record children’s development, plan for learning, professional development or embedding technology in experiences for children.

So think about your technology possibilities as you meander through this issue. Read about how Gowrie Victoria addresses their technology challenges, forming new partnerships with families, and how a family day care scheme has progressed planning and programming with technology. Plus our Vox Poppets tell us how they use technology in their outside school hours centres, and we see how children become empowered through technology in museums.

If you’re curious about how the NDIS policy reform will work for children and families, Margie O’Tarpey’s article examines the collaboration and integration that is so fundamental to its success.

Camille Howard tells the story of change for Jindi Woraback Children’s Centre, whose educators wanted to spend more time with children, and our interview with Cindy Blackstock explains how she makes change through ‘mosquito advocacy’.

There is so much inspiration to draw on in this issue.

I usually say my thanks to our Rattler production team (Eddy, Camille and Deborah) and our editorial team (Marie, Lisa, Gerard and Wendy, with Eddy and Camille) at the end of the year but, as June 2016 marks a change for me, I’d like to do that now: thanks Rattler team, you’re the best!

I’ll be leaving the CEO role, so this is my last letter to you, our loyal readers. I hope you have loved your Rattler as much as I have loved being a part of this beautiful, clever and inspiring publication. It’s been one of the great joys of my role to collaborate with our team, bringing Rattler to you four times a year, and I am incredibly proud of the quality we deliver.

I wish you all the very best in your mission to provide high quality early childhood and middle childhood education and care programs for children and families. I’ll continue advocating for change to achieve ‘gold standard’ early childhood policy, funding, remuneration and programs and practice, and I certainly hope to see you on the path up ahead.

My very best wishes,

Leanne Gibbs, CEO Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW)


  • The Lowdown | Your guide to what’s up, who’s where, and how you can get involved.
  • The ties that bind | Quality connections are key at the award-winning Jindi Woraback Children’s Centre.
  • Mosquito advocacy | Cindy Blackstock explains the simple tool that enabled her to enact change for Canada’s First Nations children.
  • Vox Poppets | Children tell us what they want from using technology in OSHC services.
  • C’mon get savvy | How technology can help make management processes more streamlined and efficient.
  • NDIS rollout | We explore how the NDIS will function in the sector when it rolls out nationally from July.
  • Tiny tinkerers | Technology provides great opportunities for public spaces to engage with and empower young children.
  • Educator wellbeing | EC:Living tool puts educator wellbeing in the spotlight.
  • NQS case study | Western Riverina Family Day Care Scheme is implementing technology one step at a time in its educational program.
  • Face2Face | Meet Simon Birmingham, the federal Education Minister.
  • Bookworm | A preview of what’s new on the shelves.

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