Support for Management Committees

Is your service community based? Sometimes, management committees of education and care services require support and assistance. Whether you are the Director or Nominated Supervisor of a education and care service with concerns about recruiting management committee members or a member of a committee wondering how your committee can get the support it needs, Community Child Care is here to help you. Below are a number of the supports we can offer you to help make the task of managing a community based education and care service easier.

trainingManagement Committee Training

Community Child Care Co-operative offers specific management committee training for community-based education and care services.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Staffing responsibilities
  • Governance structure and policies and procedures
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management.

This training is offered in at your centre: Community Child Care can send a facilitator to your centre to run a specific three hour training session for your management committee. As this is unfunded this is offered on a fee for service basis.

To book training for your committee please call 02 8922 6444 or email info@ccccnsw.org.au.

so now you are on the committee bookSo Now You Are On The Committee book

So Now You Are On The Committee – a handbook for committee members of education and care services. This book is the comprehensive guide to being on a management committee of a education and care service.

So Now You Are On The Committee outlines what a management committee actually does, providing an easy-to-read guide for all those wishing to join a committee, or for those already acting in the role. It’s a must-read for management committees and a handy reference for directors, education and care staff and students.

This book is the comprehensive guide to being on a management committee of a education and care service. A copy is provided free to those attending Management Committee training and to services receiving individual management committee support.  To order this title, go to the Community Child Care online shop – So Now You Are On The Committee or download the Publications Order Form.



eye testManagement Committee Health Check Up tool

The Health Check Up is a free tool which can be obtained by completing the online form below. After completion, you will be directed to the Management Committee Health Check up tool, where you can download the documents.

Please complete the online form below and click on the ‘Send Your Details’ button.


helpIndividual Management Committee Support

Has everything really gone pear shaped? Are you having problems recruiting committee members or has your committee stopped functioning as well as it could? Individual Management Committee Support may be what you need.

Individual Management Committee support is support provided to your service to help you deal with your specific issues. The support may be offered via phone email or a visit, and will be offered by a consultant with expertise in the issues facing education and care services management committees.


To inquire about  individual management committee support please email info@ccccnsw.org.au or call 02 8922 6444.



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