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Example policiesThe sample policies below are for information purposes only. You are welcome to use this material and adapt to your own service’s situation with acknowledgement to Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW). Community Child Care provides these policies as general information and they may be used as a foundation for the development of your own education and care service policy. Policies must be unique to your service and developed in collaboration with your service community. Whilst Community Child Care believes these sample policies comply with the requirements of the Regulations, services are advised to take responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of the material.

Community Child Care suggests consideration of the following questions* while adapting these policies to your service:

  1. Is the policy consistent with the philosophy, mission and goals of the service?
  2. Does the policy apply to the service type and management structure?
  3. Does the policy take into account the legislative and regulatory mandates that specifically apply to the service?
  4. Does the policy conform to the format used for other policies?
  5. Does the policy include some form of introduction, goals, strategies and information and does this apply to the background of the service?
  6. Are there particular community needs, conditions or funding that must be considered and differ markedly from the sample policy?
  7. Has the policy been introduced to the service community and the process of development explained?

* Edited Extract: Gibbs, L. (2008), Policy Development in Early Childhood Settings from idea to implementation, Pademelon Press.

Community Child Care gratefully acknowledges the funding of the NSW Department of Education and Communities for the funding to update these policies in line with the National Quality Framework.

Quality Area 1 - Educational program and practice

Quality Area 2 - Children’s health and safety

Quality Area 3 - Physical environment

Quality Area 4 - Staffing Arrangements

Quality Area 6 - Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Quality Area 7 - Leadership and service management


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