Preschool Symposium Videos

The Preschool Symposium was run by CCCC in March 2015. Here are videos of the sessions.

Michael West Karen Bevan
The Community
Michael West, Guwaali
The Pathways
Karen Bevan
Rebecca Lloyd Amanda Dawson
The Marketing
Rebecca Lloyd
The PDSP - Northcott
Amanda Dawson
Sara Andersson The Experts
The Answers
Sara Andersson
 The Experts
Preschool Directors - Carolyn Leys, Ruth Mules, Kellie Jarvie

Inclusion and Professional Support Unit Videos

These videos and animations were developed by CCCC for the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

 IPSP overview animation

IPSP overview video

PSC animation

PSC video

IPSU animation

IPSU video

ISA animation

ISA video

So Now You Are On The Committee

Being part of a management committee can sometimes be overwhelming, with so many responsibilities and issues for members to be aware of. Essential to working in a education and care service management committee is passion for ensuring your service offers great care and education, an interest in good management, the ability to listen, to be fair and…the time to be involved!

Community Child Care (NSW) has produced this short animation for new committee members of community-based education and care services covering the who, what, when, why and how of being on a service management committee.

This video can be accessed by members of Community Child Care (NSW). To view the video:



Become a member to access this video (and to access much much more!).

The Productivity Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning

The Productivity Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning is important for the future of the education and care sector, and for the children and families of Australia.

It's our chance to give some clear messages to policymakers about what is and what isn't important.

Work at CCCC

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at CCCC?  Watch the video and see.

35 Years of Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW): Standing Up & Speaking Out!

Standing Up & Speaking Out! was held on 1 November 2013, to celebrate 35 Years of Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW). Video recordings of the conference speakers are available for viewing below or by going to the Community Child Care (NSW) YouTube channel.

Bernadette Dunn Michael West
Welcome. Setting Out the Ground Rules
Bernadette Dunn
Welcome to Country
Michael West
Jane Caro Leanne Gibbs
You Can't Change the World by Being Nice
Jane Caro
Education is Everything... Slam!
Leanne Gibbs
Deborah Kelly Eva Cox
The Collisions of My World
Deborah Kelly
Children In A Good Society
Eva Cox
Emily Donnan Lisa Bryant
Stepping Up... A Recipe For Change
Emily Donnan
Enemy in the Ranks! The fight our sector has to have
Lisa Bryant
Anthony Semann Miriam Giugni
Cybernetic Organisms
Anthony Semann
Whose Activism is it Anyway?
Miriam Giugni
Liam McNicholas Alma Fleet
Navigating Politicians, Partisans and Dimwits
Liam McNicholas
When The Pendulum Swings Too Far
Alma Fleet
Frances Press Leanne Gibbs
Confessions of a Contrarian
Frances Press
It's A Wrap!
Leanne Gibbs

Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW) celebrates 35 Years on 1 November 2013, and the former Minister for Employment Participation and Early Childhood and Childcare, Kate Ellis, offers her congratulations of the achievements since 1978.

2013 Federal Election Forum – Early Education and Care: Still an Election Issue

The 2013 Election Forum held in Sydney on 30 July, at the Masonic Centre. The Forum included Kate Ellis (Australian Labor Party), Minister for Employment Participation and Early Childhood and Childcare; Sussan Ley (Liberal Party), Shadow Minister for Childcare and Early Childhood Learning after the 2010 Election; and Sarah Hanson-Young (Australian Greens), spokesperson for childcare.


There are three parts to the video recording: please click on the images below to view the Federal Election Forum.

Community Child Care (NSW) 2013 Election Forum: Part 1

Community Child Care (NSW) 2013 Election Forum: Part 2

Community Child Care (NSW) 2013 Election Forum: Part 3

State Funding Forum

The State Funding Forum was held at the Masonic Centre in Sydney on 11 June, 2013. It was held so educators from the field could hear representatives from the Department of Education and Communities discuss the proposed changes to NSW Government funding for community preschools and long day care services for 2014. Video recordings of the presentation by DEC are available below (Parts 1 and 2), followed by a summary of proceedings.

The Department has requested that the PowerPoint used during the Forum remains confidential. The following PDF document is a summary that provides basic details of the information.

State Funding Forum, Part 1

State Funding Forum, Part 2

The forum was co-hosted by Community Child Care, Australian Community Children’s Services (NSW), Big Fat Smile, Child Care NSW, Children First, Children’s Services Community Management, Community Connections Solutions Australia, Early Childhood Australia (NSW), Illawarra Area Child Care, Ethnic Child Care, Family and Community Services, Goodstart Early Learning, Gowrie NSW, Independent Education Union (NSW/ACT) KU Children’s Services, Mobile Children’s Services Association of NSW, SDN Children’s Services, United Voice (NSW Branch) and UnitingCare Children’s Services.


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